Movement programs for Older Adults

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Our dance and yoga programs promote mental and physical well-being in a safe and judgement free environment.

Emanuela’s extensive knowledge in various forms of dance and yoga, dementia, GPA, Montessori and person-centered care, allows her to focus on participants’ strengths and abilities.

Chair Dancing

This program reaches adults with varying mobility and cognitive abilities.  Through the use of music, participants can connect to one another and reminisce.  Chair Dancing may include:

  • a ball toss to connect with each participant
  • a physical warm-up focusing on different muscles and joints.
  • one-on-one dancing
  • dancing with scarfs
  • a cool down
Chair Yoga

Enjoy all the benefits of yoga without  having to get down to a mat!  Chair Yoga includes:

  • guided meditation to help quiet the mind.
  • gentle movement to improve strength, flexibility, and balance.
  • breathing exercises to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

Combination Program

This program combines all three art forms (drama, music & movement) in one fantastic class!   Participants will take part in interactive drama games, sing along to their favourites, pick up a new instrument, and/or learn steps that will keep their bodies and brains sharp (all movements can be done in chairs).

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