The Broadway Bundles


 The Braodway Bundle is perfectly suited for Assisted Living and Retirement Homes.  It is for residents who are interested in attending a weekly creative program or who may have the intention of creating a finished product.  This bundle is for those residents who may like to put on a performance.  It includes 24 sessions over a 6 month period. Picture1

Choose from ONE of the following:

         Drama ClubOver the 24 sessions (weekly for 6 months), participants learn the basics of drama.  They take part in group and partner warm-ups which are aimed at increasing focus and concentration, improving and maintaining cognitive function, and increasing vocal production and physical exercise.  Participants will use their imagination to express themselves creatively in improvisational games and performances.  Participants will also work on scripts and perform mini scenes in front of their peers to enhance peer and self-esteem.  Option to create a final performance for other residents to enjoy!             

          Glee ClubParticipants learn how to warm-up their voices to increase diaphragmatic breathing and vocal range.  They learn and rehearse various songs, both familiar, and new.  Songs are rehearsed and perfected for a final performance for other residents to enjoy!

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