The Rehearsal Bundle


The Rehearsal Bundle is perfect for Adult Day Centres or any setting where participants may vary from day-to-day.  This bundle provides 6 sessions that can be used at any time over a 6 month period.  Create the bundle to suits your client’s needs and desires by selecting any or all of the following programs.

  • Drama Games- this begins with inclusive group warm-ups that promote peer engagement, concentration, and physical movement.  Participants then move into partner improvisations developed to enhance creativity and communication skills.  Finally, participants either engage in, or observe, Script Readings.  This is beneficial for both those involved and those in the audience.  Script readings allow participants to try on different roles and get lost in the fun of theatre.  They also enhance self-esteem and build an atmosphere of laughter and excitement!
  • Musical-this involves Sing Alongs with either a piano (if provided) or a keyboard.  Participants are given music books that aid in reminiscence and cognitive stimulation.  Music Making is also incorporated with multiple instruments that are easy to use.  Participants are given choices of the instrument they would like to use, or if they would prefer to sing, or dance, or merely listen.  Music Making is an inclusive way of drawing on individual strengths and allowing for creative expression.  Musical Story Writing might also be added which involves using instruments to tell a story and asking participants to play different sound effects. 
  • Movement- depending on your organization’s desires, the movement theme can be either yoga, salsa, line dancing, or musical theatre dance.  All movement themes can be adapted for chairs and/or walkers.

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