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A healthy workplace is one that is creative, engaging and productive.  In today’s high stress environment, it is imperative that we make time for rest, relaxation, and play.  However, many of your employees are likely leaving work to go on a long and stressful commute, only to come home to a tired and hungry family.  Therefor, self-care and important maintenance does not always make it into their routine.

If you want your employees to not only feel better physically, but to also get along well with colleagues, AND be more productive, then it’s time to invest in a wellness plan.

Be the employer that makes a healthier workplace a number one priority!  Choose from one of the options below that will creatively engage employees while providing them with their required amount of physical exercise.

Staff Yin Yang Yoga

(1 hr. class/8 weeks – $320 + HST)

Give your team the gift of yoga!

Get the most from your employees by providing time for self-care.  Yoga is proven to help people of all ages and professions to de-stress while getting active.  The Yin Yang style provides a fast paced workout (yang), as well as a gentle, stretching portion (yin).  This is a perfect class for beginners and advanced yogis who want to move more freely.

Classes are designed for all levels and are adjusted according to the needs and abilities of students.

“Academy Performers” team building workshop

(2 hours = $500 + HST)

Build team spirit by booking Academy Performers today!

In this workshop, team members will learn how to center their focus through breathing and relaxation techniques.  They will use their imagination and sense of play to connect with one another through dramatic exercises. This workshop will also give employees time to work up a sweat as they learn upbeat dance moves with partners or as a group. Academy Performers is the perfect way to get your employees to step outside their comfort level, develop new skills, and have a lot of fun!

This workshop is created specifically for each organization. Timing and outline is adjusted based on goals for the meeting or event. Please contact me for more information on how we can make your next team building event unique and successful!

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